We are looking to expand our core Management Team to help with the planning and running of SAFW. We want to hear from passionate, hard working people who feel they can bring something new and fresh to table.
Putting SAFW together covers such an enormous range of jobs and tasks that it’s really more about you and what you’re capable of, than simply submitting your CV.
So we want to hear from anyone who thinks they have what it takes to join the team!


-The job can be flexible, but it is also brutal- so towards October, please be prepared to work long hours.
-You must be organised, we manage 4-5 additional events, 60+ retailers, 50+ models, 20+ advertisers, 10+ suppliers and over 200 students and volunteers.
-You must have experience, not necessarily in events or marketing, but in something where your skills can be transferable here.
-We are based in St Albans.
-You must be a strong communicator, personable and professional.
-You must love hard work and thrive under pressure.
-This will be a paid position, salary competitive.


We would like to receive a video application- this does not have to be of a high production standard- it can be filmed on your phone. We want to hear from you, we want to hear about what you’ve done, why you want to work with us and what you feel you can bring to SAFW.
Tell us about yourself, what you’re passionate about and what drives you.
Show us who you are in this little video and we’ll be in touch with successful applicants and invite them for an interview in February 2017.

Send us your video via email, or in a DropBox, Google Drive or WeTransfer link- to

We can’t wait to hear from you!